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Pancake Mix

Tangy Mayo Sauce | Chicken Sauce | Braai-Basting-Marinade Sauce

Huyskos Ready Meals
Vegetable Lasagne

New Premium Croissant Range
FTO Unrolled Croissants

New Premium Croissant Range
Cheese | Chocolate | Plain | Combo Pack
In packets of six – ideal for the smaller family.

South Africa’s BEST Milk Tart now available at Deeghuys.

Stone Ground (Eureka) PIZZA Range

“We only use high-quality, locally-produced and biological grown wheat that gives these products their definite unique qualities. distinguishing it from alternative and competing products. All our products have no additives, preservatives and or bleach and are defiantly not generically modified.


Why use our flour?

Apart from the unique production process the local wheat undergoes, Eureka Meulens flour is also ground in a very special way. This grinding process ensures a particularly natural and healthy end product which bakers would also find more economical to use than the standard commercial alternatives. Standard commercial flour mills employ equipment requiring some 14 sets of steel rollers or hammers to grind the wheat. These rollers or hammers generate extremely high temperatures, inevitably damaging the wheat germ and also destroying valuable vitamins and enzymes in the process. During the grinding process the fine, top quality flour is continually abstracted for use in cake flour and self-raising flour.

In contrast, the grinding process ate Eureka Meulens utilises only three sets of rollers, whereupon the flour finds a grinding-stone. It is a much slower and more natural process that generates relatively little heat. During this grinding process no components are abstracted from the flour.

Therefore. white bread flour at Eureka Meulens retains all the healthy wheat germ (about 3%), fibre, natural oils, vitamins and enzymes, making it rich in fibre, wholesome and nutritious. This also contributes to the extended shelf-life of bread baked with this flour. Furthermore, this gives rise to a 3 to 4 percent higher water absorption potential, definitely advantaging the economical baker.

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