Our Stores

Where are your stores?

We currently have sixteen stores. Northumberland Street, Bellville; The Square at Farrarmere, Benoni; Hazeldean Square, Pretoria East; Southdowns Shopping Centre, Centurion; Eldo Square, Centurion; Wonderboom Junction, Pretoria; Brackenfell Hyper Centre, Brackenfell; Featherbrooke Village, Roodepoort; Somerset Value Mart, Somerset West; Platinum Square Shopping Centre, Rustenburg; Bloemfontein Value Mart, Bloemfontein; North Cape Mall, Kimberley; Goldfields Mall, Welkom; Garden Route Mall, George and President Sqaure, Vanderbijlpark.

Do you sell directly to the public?

Yes, we are a retailer who sells directly to the public.

Is Deeghuys a franchise?

For more info on franchise opportunities please send an email to franchise@deeghuys.co.za

Product Information

Do I have to order products before I come to Deeghuys?

You do not need to pre-order products before visiting us however if you are looking to buy in bulk you can place an order at your local store to ensure we have enough stock.

Can I place an order before coming to Deeghuys?

Yes, you can call or email your local store to place an order.

How long can I store products in the freezer?

Products are  at their optimum when they are purchased, however dough products containing yeast perform well for a further six weeks if they stored correctly.

What is correct storage for frozen dough products containing yeast?

The two most important factors to ensuring good performance from your unbaked dough products are that they are stored in a sealed bag with little airspace in the bag and that product is not subjected to excessive temperature fluctuations. These products contain moisture which is necessary for their production and a freezer is the driest possible place because all moisture turns to ice.  Dry air literally sucks the moisture from your products unless there is plastic bag barrier to prevent this. The result of freezer exposed products is that they will be smaller than normal when baked. These products have yeast which is made up of dormant living cells. Product subjected to varying temperature has the effect of some of the water in the dough liquefying and when the product is refrozen this moisture forms ice crystals which puncture yeast cells thereby killing it and reducing the ability to rise and results in diminished baked size.

Baking Instructions

I have never baked products with yeast in them from frozen before. Will I be able to do it?

Absolutely, anyone who follows the baking instructions will be able to produce excellent baked products.

I don’t have much time. Are there shortcuts I can take to save time?

There are unfortunately no shortcuts. Baking cannot be rushed. If you do you will be disappointed in the final result.

What is the fastest that I can produce fresh baked product (other than FTO)?

Under ideal conditions it takes an hour to thaw product then another hour to allow it to rise (proof) and then add the bake time of that specific product.

What do ideal conditions mean?

Kept frozen at minus 18 degrees in a sealed bag. Not allowing product to dry out during thawing. Allowing to rise at 35 – 38 degrees with a humidity of 80.

What is the most important step in the baking process?

The proving process. This is where your product rises to the optimum point ready for baking off.

One of my friends says that she overnights her croissants. What does this mean?

It means that when room temperatures are not too high it is possible to allow product to thaw and slowly rise between going to bed and having it ready to bake when rising in the morning. Ensure that the product remains well covered to prevent drying out.

I did everything I was supposed to yet my rolls came out wide and flat. What did I do wrong?

Dough that has been allowed to rise too long has too much air in it resulting insufficient strength to hold it up in the baking process. This is called over proving.

How do I know when product is fully proved?

Gently press a dent into a roll with your finger, it should still have a little spring in it and be about two thirds the size of the final product.

What does skinning mean?

This means that your product has formed a crust or skin which prevents it from rising in the proving stage.

How do I prevent skinning?

You can give product a light spray of water to ensure the outer edge remains flexible. Always cover product with plastic or a damp tea towel to prevent moisture escaping.

What is freezer burn?

Freezer burn is a whitish crust that forms on the outside of product caused by exposure to the dry air of the freezer. Always reseal the bag when you have removed items but not finished the bag.

I suspect that my rolls got a bit dry in the freezer. Can I do anything about it?

Yes, sometimes you can. Give the rolls a good spritz of water  before thawing and another one when they are thawed and are ready to be proved.

How do I obtain steam in the oven for baking my crispy products?

I am glad you mentioned crispy products, because steam is only positive for crispy products. When your oven is up to full temperature throw two or three ice blocks into the bottom of the oven after you have placed your tray of products in it. Quickly close the oven door to keep the steam in. You can also throw a quarter cup of water into the oven.

What does steam do for crispy products?

There is a double action, firstly the steam moistens the skin of the rolls or bread allowing a longer time before the crust sets which would prevent the product from getting any bigger. It also has the effect of crisping up the outer crust.

How much bigger do rolls and croissants get during the baking process?

They generally get double their size in the thawing and proving phase and then another third in the oven.  Allow space on the pan for the increase in size when panning up.

My rolls proved perfectly but then fell flat when I picked them up to put them onto a baking tray. Why?

When dough proves it is full of fine bubbles, the dough has also stretched to the maximum. Lifting the product up has the effect of internal tearing and subsequent loss of air. The yeast at this stage is exhausted and will not be able to get the dough up again. Always pan up on the pan you are going to bake on.

Is there a cheap way to ensure my products thaw and rise successfully?

Yes, it doesn’t need to cost anything. Remember to spray product with water to prevent skinning and keep it covered with plastic allowing it to rise in a warm area.


I am experiencing a problem with a product I have purchased. Who do I contact?

You are welcome to contact our Head Office.

What does ‘Heat & Eat’ mean?

‘Heat & Eat’ is a product you simply have to heat.

What does ‘FTO’ mean?

‘FTO’ means Freezer to Oven. This is a product you bake from frozen.

I like the idea of FTO but also like my products to come out bold. How?

It is a fact that these products can be baked directly from the freezer. To get the best results from these if you have the time allow them to thaw before baking. When baking from frozen your croissants need to thaw, prove and bake in eighteen odd minutes. This asks a lot and has the effect of having a final product approximately ninety percent of the one that is allowed to thaw.

Do you offer retailer discounts?

We offer a very competitive price on all our products and run monthly special offers but do not offer retailer discounts.

Do you deliver?

We do not currently offer a delivery service.

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